Offering privacy, security and peace of mind with Iroko Hardwood bespoke fencing, vehicle access point and pedestrian gate.

At Penchard, we are the makers of the most magnificent handcrafted wooden gates – but we don’t stop there.

Iroko Gate and Fence entrance

Our team recently had the opportunity to manufacture and install a bespoke and secure boundary perimeter using Iroko hardwood. This included an automated vehicle access gate, a full-arched pedestrian gate with a built-in letterbox, alongside 220m of high-quality fencing. 

With the combination of the soft-coloured fence boundary and the gate’s curved tops, the project not only offered a quiet sanctuary but elevated the look of the estate from a run-of-the-mill boundary marker.

Iroko Hardwood Fence Panels

The bespoke fencing was the ideal solution for offering handcrafted beauty alongside the needed privacy and security for the property. Together, the fence and gates provided a luxurious and tough design.

The design is simple but poses an air of elegance and durability when compared with the strength of the Iroko hardwood. This type of hardwood is durable, non-porous, and does not require any preservative treatment, making it an ideal wood for outdoor construction – did you know we used a staggering 23m³ for this project?

Vehicle Access with Iroko Hardwood

Iroko Arch Gate Pedestrian

Each set of bespoke wooden gates and fence panels has been manufactured with unique character and personality while being beautifully handcrafted by our team of experts. Our team are able to design, manufacture and install challenging projects with the best finesse and expertise possible.

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