A stunning entrance taken care of by Penchard…

Part of the huge and magnificent project of rebuilding one of Hampshire’s country mansions, was the relocation of the long drive which was straightened out to form this classic English driveway.

At Penchard we were delighted to win the contract to form this impressive entrance. Pouring the footings, building the piers, manufacturing the metalwork and automating the gates was all within the scope of works successfully completed by Penchard.

As the results demonstrate, attention to detail, the best quality materials and the finest craftsmanship was key to success in adding the elegance that the property deserved.

Using Portland Jordans Whitbed natural stone quarried and machined in Dorset, with the metalwork hand forged to Penchard’s usual high standard of excellence we took pleasure in working with the architect to meet the demanding specification required to produce the critical first impressions to this luxury residence.

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